Are you looking to add space and value to your home? Do you want more natural light for beauty and increased energy efficiency? We know you want increased comfort and more curb appeal for your home! 

One great way to improve your home’s appearance, feel and functionality is to install bay windows. Modern, energy-efficient, and gorgeous, bay windows add a unique appeal to the design of your home while offering space and beauty for years to come. A bay window delivers a panoramic view, allows more natural light to enter the room, and adds better visibility and appeal to both the house’s interior and exterior.

A bay window is a window or series of windows forming a bay in a room and projecting outward from the wall that visibly protrudes from the room when viewed from the home exterior. The “bay” of the room created by this window design is a favored design trend among home builders and home buyers alike. When you choose your next window installation, consider these 3 Key Advantages to Adding a Bay Window. 

3 Key Advantages to Adding a Bay Window

1-Add Space and Beauty to Your Home With a Bay Window

Bay windows give the illusion of more space in a room, using natural light and space to ensure that your room appears bigger. Light enters through multiple panels, causing multiple reflections, making the room appear brighter, larger, and more open. Because the space you add with a bay window is constructed nearly entirely of glass, you will have a “minimal visual transition between the interior of your home and the outdoors”. 

Because bay windows have a shelf, they can literally add more physical space to your home. In the case of bench-height bay windows, you will get extra seating for a reading nook or an observation area (what are those squirrels up to?). Even better, you can choose the height of the window. A bay window lower to the ground often has a bench and can be deeper to allow for seating, which is just one of many ways to use a bay window. A bay window at counter height has a shallower shelf and delivers the opportunity to proudly display items of beauty from the interior of your home. 

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2- Natural Light for Beauty and Increased Energy Efficiency 

Due to the Bay window’s size and design, they will fill a room with loads of natural light. In addition to the energy-saving perks of natural light in a home, the cognitive and increased energy and mood benefits are attainable both in homes and workplaces. Getting a good dose of natural light is bound to increase energy and productivity for folks working from home. Additionally, more light has been known to help in regulating human circadian rhythms for improved sleep. Plus, bay windows draw amply natural light into your home, which also helps to increase the overall comfort of the room. In addition to comfort and the atmosphere of a room, a bay window adds astounding beauty to both the interior and exterior of your home. 

Increased natural light can decrease your energy bills because you can give your electrical lights a break more often due to the “free” light your Bay window allows to enter your home. Bay windows also afford you more exterior views. So, as the sun is streaming inside through your three windows, you also get more of a panorama of the outdoors. Convinced that a Bay window installation is in your future? Contact us at Standard Windows & Doors and we will walk and talk you through the options. 

3-Bay Windows to Increase Comfort and Value

A beautiful bay window can increase the curb appeal of your home. Thanks to added aesthetic appeal and bonus square footage, the resale value of your home may also increase. This is perhaps the most valuable and desirable advantage of bay windows for your Milwaukee home. Bay windows are a great way to add value for both you and your family and potential buyers. Even if you’re not selling your home any time soon, a bay window adds value to your everyday living. Homes with bay windows often have enhanced curb appeal in addition to feeling larger on the inside. A cozy window seat in a bedroom or living room is often seen as a value-added bonus to potential home buyers. 

If you choose movable windows, you may then increase your ventilation in your home. Additionally, the side windows projecting out at an angle allow for different configurations for ventilation. One can open both windows to catch a breeze that’s funneled into the room. Also, you can open just one window to harness a breeze or avoid wind gusts. With a bay window, the two end windows tend to be working windows. Whether they are casement windows that crank open or double-hung windows that slide up or down, you can open them up to allow for a more well-ventilated, comfortable home environment. 

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