Entry doors are the first thing your guests see when they arrive to visit your home. Not only that but they’re also built to protect you from the elements in the outdoors. They’re an important part of your home, and especially somewhere like Milwaukee where snow is frequent, it’s crucial that your entry door is not only top quality, but also installed correctly. That is why you should go with the Milwaukee entry door installation experts at Standard Window & Doors LLC.

Your front door is a focal point of your home. This doesn’t just apply to the aesthetics of the door from the outside, either. How it looks from the inside of your home is also incredibly important. Standard Windows & Doors LLC cannot stress how crucial this decision is and how important hiring a professional is when it comes to deciding which type of door is best for you. A wrong choice could lead to big problems down the road.

Read below for a small sampling of some of the most popular and desirable entry door styles to consider as you update the entryway to your home.

Different Entry Door Styles

Craftsman Doors

  • Raised panels in the center of the door frame as well as the top glass panels.
  • In addition to the standard Craftsman style front door design, the shaker style of Craftsman doors features flat panels for a simpler look.
  • Most commonly made of wood, they are a stunning addition to bungalows, cottages, and any homes that incorporate natural elements in their design.

Ornate Doors

  • Ornate doors are recognized by their use of decorative glass on the door frame itself.
  • Matches very well with both colonial and farmhouse aesthetics.
  • Ornate doors are ¾ light, meaning that about 75% of the door is glass.
  • Ornate doors also add to their decorative style of glass: The glass patterns come in a huge variety of geometric, curved, and even flowery shapes.
  • For maximum safety, ornate doors are built with a handmade piece of glass between two pieces of safety glass.

Modern Doors

  • A front door design that you’ll either love or loathe, modern-style doors are plain and function without paneling or molding.
  • Noted for small, square windows running down the frame.
  • While 3 or 5 windows are the main modern door style, some options feature a full light pane of glass.
  • The modern style puts a focus on clean, streamlined looks: Rather than having complex patterns, modern doors often incorporate one large panel of glass or a few small panels in the center of the frame.

Solid Doors

  • A simple and practical door, without glass featuring a piece of solid steel or fiberglass.
  • This option provides maximum privacy, yet can still look very attractive.
  • You can customize the pattern of the panels: homeowners match the panel pattern with their interior doors —whether it’s a 6-panel, a 4-panel, or a 2-panel door

Rustic Doors:

  • Another niche design, rustic doors don’t have the same focus on incorporating glass into the door design as modern, craftsmen and ornate options do.
  • Rustic-style doors will feature a few small windows near the top of the door like a craftsmen style.
  • Rustic doors often feature a beautiful faux wood look that makes them stand out compared to every other door on the block.

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