Entry Door Installation

Entry doors are the first thing your guests see when they arrive to visit your home. Not only that, but they’re also built to protect you from the elements in the outdoors. They’re an important part of your home, and especially somewhere like Milwaukee where snow is frequent, it’s crucial that your entry door is not only top quality, but also installed correctly. That is why you should go with the Milwaukee entry door installation experts.

wooden front door of a house opened

The Importance of Design

Undoubtedly the most important part of the process, ordering your door to your custom needs can be a challenge. Nowadays there are an overwhelming number of designs to choose from, all of them having a significant impact on your home.

Your front door is a focal point of your home. This doesn’t just apply to the aesthetics of the door from the outside, either. How it looks from the inside of your home is also incredibly important. There are various finishes, colors, glass design, hardware, materials, the list goes on.

Aesthetics, however, is only half of the puzzle. Doors can come in a variety of various materials with different types of glass, with the sole purpose of durability and weather resistance. This is arguably the most important thing to consider when you’re purchasing a door. We cannot stress how crucial this decision is and how important hiring a professional is when it comes to deciding which type of door is best for you. A wrong choice could lead to big problems down the road.

Luckily, at Standard Windows & Doors LLC, we’re here to help you with whatever questions you may have! We also have an endless amount of designs to choose from, and once we narrow down your choices based on your needs, it’ll become a walk in the park!

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Door Installation

As previously mentioned, choosing the correct door for you will prevent many problems from occurring in the long run. However, that wouldn’t be the first step into guaranteeing the best possible outcome.

Something that DIYers often underestimate is the importance of the measurements taken before the installation or design choices even occur. The width and height of you’re door’s rough opening and whether or not it’s plum should absolutely be left to an expert. This avoids poor workmanship going forward and assures that the door is properly sealed.

After the door is designed and ordered to custom specifications, it’s then brought to your home and installed into your doorway. We pride ourselves on making this process quick and easy, getting out measurements right from the start. This way you’ll never need to worry about whether or not your Milwaukee home will have unexpected drafts during the long winter months.

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