Windows serve a bigger purpose than simply letting light and air into a home. They also help with the aesthetics and can improve or work against your overall design depending on how you pick them. Read on to learn about a few types of windows that you can choose from in order to make your home a place you’re proud to live.

Picture Windows

While these windows are undefeated in terms of the views that they’ll afford you, they do have a drawback. They are fixed in place and therefore don’t play the role of allowing air to move into and out of your house. They let in an abundance of light, which many homeowners find appealing. That being said, they can also make your home warmer because of the amount of light that they bring in. Consult with a window contractor to find out if picture windows are right for your lifestyle and home design.

Casement Windows

These are also referred to as crank windows. They swing from a hinge like a door. They are weathertight and can be opened and closed easily to regulate airflow through the house. Another thing to note about casement windows is that they’re considered to provide more security to homeowners than other windows on the market.

Sliding Windows

These windows are operated by sliding one side of the window over the other. They are affordable to install and maintain because they generally lack mechanical components. Though these windows are attractive enough and inexpensive, they may not be the first choice for someone looking to add sophistication to their curb appeal.

Bay Windows

Bay windows include a number of windows grouped together and that extend outwards from the house, meeting at angles. The space inside the house can be used as a sitting area or shelf. Bay windows can add to the beauty of a house’s architecture when installed correctly.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the type of window you want, including its lifespan. According to This Old House, enamel-coated aluminum frames can last for between 30 and 40 years. Wood frames that have been sealed or painted can also last for this long if they are maintained. The glass should last for as long as the frame lasts, so keep this in mind when choosing a frame and window type. For more information, reach out to Standard Windows & Doors today.