Congrats on deciding to update one of the most important features of your home. Having a new entry door installed is a great home investment, can lead to energy savings, and can keep your family safe. Also, it will instantly improve the curb appeal and wow factor of your home. 

When choosing an entry door for your Milwaukee home, there are several things to consider to ensure you choose one that is right for you and your home.  

Entry Door Style/Design

The front door is often the first thing visitors to your home will notice, and the style of door you choose can have a huge impact on the overall exterior look of your home. So, you’ll want to choose a color, material, design, and hardware that you like, but don’t neglect to consider how well the door does or doesn’t match your home’s style. For example, if your home is midcentury, a three-panel peekaboo door will look gorgeous, and for bungalows, stained glass inlays will complement the home’s original era and design. 


Once you’ve chosen the style and design you want, be sure to think about security factors. These include the locks, doorknobs, and even some material considerations. For locks and doorknobs, choose ones that are hearty and well-reviewed. There are of course the traditional key-based locks, but you might also consider alternatives like keypad/keyless locks that allow you to enter your home with a code, changing the code as often as you like for added security. 

A primary factor of a top rate lock is the deadbolt. Never leave an exterior door without one as they are the primary guard against unwanted entry and will work best paired with a strong door frame. The door frame is designed to keep your door in place and prevent it from being torn off its hinges while also providing improved insulation.  

Factor in security when choosing your preferred door materials. Do you feel comfortable with an all-glass door or do you want something more private? Is a wood door with smaller glass panels more your speed? To help you decide, you might take a look at what others in your neighborhood have chosen. Additionally, metal doors do offer the ultimate security assurance if that is your primary concern. They also look pretty great!

If the clean look of an all-glass door is your dream, add a stylish storm door to the front. While they are particularly useful with glass doors, we strongly recommend them for all door types. 


Because Milwaukee winters can be brutal, it is important to keep your home as cozy and warm as possible. Choosing the right materials for your door and having it properly installed will ensure that your home remains a warm winter sanctuary.

Additionally, Milwaukee’s specific climate can have different effects on different types of materials. For example, when choosing a wood door, you want to make sure it is properly glazed to avoid wear and tear from the dry and snowy winter months. 

But don’t forget about those incredibly wet late summer months too. All that moisture can damage a wooden front door if the door is not properly protected. 

Energy Efficiency

On a similar note to climate concerns, you’ll want to also consider energy efficiency when choosing a door. For materials, you can choose from fiberglass, steel, or wood with some doors using a combination of two of these. The door’s finish can consist of a number of materials, including porcelain, concrete, steel, wood, and glass. Speak with us today to discuss what materials will work best for your house and energy needs. 

That said, the best way to cut down on heating and cooling costs is with a better-insulated door. Most heating and cooling loss occurs through cracks and openings in the door frame, rather than directly through the door’s core material. For that reason, proper door alignment and installation are key factors in outstanding, energy-efficient insulation. At Standard Windows & Doors, we ensure that your door and its frame are properly weather-stripped.   

Entry Door Professional Installation

Though there are several factors to consider when choosing a new front door, we are here to help you along the way and to ensure that your entry door is properly installed by professionals, the most important part! Contact Standard Windows & Doors for entry door installation in Milwaukee.