Sliding Windows

Slide Home Safely with Three Key Advantages

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Nearly all Wisconsin homeowners consider window replacement services. If window panes and frames get damaged, it is critical that you replace them. Sometimes windows simply get old and the truth is that a new window would provide a more attractive appearance and, just as important, greater energy efficiency. Heck, sometimes, you just want to shed a little more light on the subject by increasing the natural light in your home. Regardless of your reasoning, sliding windows from Standard Window and Doors offer a “safe” bet for your new window adventure. Read on for three key advantages offered by sliding windows to Wisconsin homeowners and business owners. 

1-Smooth Operator: Easy to Open, Close and Clean

One of the primary functions of windows is to allow fresh air from outside to enter your home or business. Sliding windows are designed so one side opens to allow fresh air in while the other side remains stationary. If you desire more fresh air, there are double or triple sliders for greater versatility. In addition, sliding windows are famous for their ease of operation. If a sliding window is well-maintained, it should open simply with the push of a finger, making sliding windows ideal for placement in difficult to access places.

2- Energy Efficiency

Sliding windows are so efficient due to the simple design, with fewer complicated parts, which allows the window to close tightly and firmly. This prevents air infiltration from outside. Sliding windows tend to be especially energy efficient thanks to thermal insulation which ensures your home stays cool during summer and warm during winters. Additionally, the strong thermal insulation provides a barrier for noise pollution, rain, dust and other unwanted pollens, etc. Sliding windows can reduce the need for heating and cooling, lowering the costs of your energy bills. Finally, these windows can be opened to allow fresh air into your home for natural cooling, fresh breezes and good circulation. 

3- Low Maintenance Relationship

Featuring fewer moving parts helps with energy efficiency, but it also means sliding windows have lower maintenance requirements than most windows. When properly installed, sliders can last years without trouble. The operable pane of glass can easily be popped out for cleaning or to allow space for a window air conditioner. Certain sliders can be tilted for effortless cleaning.

The windows require little maintenance beyond cleaning on a regular basis. Very little can go wrong with a sliding window since it is made up of just a few components and doesn’t require any pulleys or springs for its operation. The mechanism is limited to easy-moving wheels inside the track, upon which the window glides. Due to so few components, maintenance is minimal: lubricating the slider annually and removing dirt or debris from the track can ensure your sliding windows are “safe” for years and years. 

Unmatched Expertise for Window Shoppers in Wisconsin

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