Storm Window Installation

Milwaukee winters can make homeowning difficult. With the addition of storm windows, life can become a little easier during those cold months. Storm windows are installed outside of already existing windows to provide them with an extra layer of wind protection and weather insulation. They’re typically used to normalize the temperature on the inside of your home, and they’re especially effective for the bitter cold during winter in Wisconsin. We are the Milwaukee storm window installation experts.

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Why Storm Windows Are Beneficial To Your Home

Storm windows can tremendously decrease drafts coming in and restrict airflow to prevent heat from leaving through your windows. They’re incredibly ideal for winterproofing your home, giving you the extra amount of insulation you need to be comfortable throughout the colder months.

Another benefit of storm windows is that they reduce the amount of noise coming in through your windows. Although not completely soundproofing your home, they do add an extra barrier that sound can bounce off of, and it does dramatically decrease the sounds coming in from the outdoors.

Something else to consider about storm windows is that they’re incredibly affordable and they take little to no time at all to install. They don’t require construction or carpentry work, so installation doesn’t take nearly as long as it would if you were replacing your windows. While adding a storm door doesn’t have the same benefits just getting a properly sealed replacement window would, it is a quick and budget-friendly solution to getting through the harsh winters.

Types of Storm Windows

What kind of storm window you purchase will be completely based on your personal preference. The materials range from aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. All materials will have their own pros and cons, so it’s important to factor these into your decision. At Standard Windows & Doors LLC, we can advise you on the appropriate material based on your needs.

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