With Wisconsin winter in full swing, it’s possible your Milwaukee patio door is no longer providing an efficient barrier from the outdoors. Patio door repairs are often an afterthought in comparison with other home maintenance. This is because people usually use it as a casual entrance with less frequency than the front door. However, a flawed patio door negatively affects the aesthetic, energy efficiency, and protection of your home. To save yourself money and other potential issues down the road, it’s wise to keep an eye out for signs of damage. Here are the things that indicate it’s time to repair or replace your Milwaukee patio door

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Milwaukee Patio Door

While cold creeping into your home from your patio may be a sure sign that some fixing is in store, this isn’t the only indicator to look out for. It’s time to perform maintenance or get a new patio door when:

  • You can see cosmetic damage.
  • Operating the door is difficult.
  • You feel waves of heat or cold drafts come in from outside.
  • There are gaps around the door.
  • The design is outdated.
  • Moisture is seeping through.
  • Any other evidence of structural damage is observed. 

Patio Door Replacement FAQ

If you’re a first-time homeowner or haven’t had a patio door before, we can help you navigate damage awareness and protocols. Here are some commonly asked questions we hear from customers to help you assess the state of your patio door on your own. 

When should I replace an old patio door?

Moisture damage or wood rot could be present on an old patio door without you knowing. If your door was installed 20+ years ago it’s possible it was done with a cheap tube of caulking and hasn’t been re-examined since. If that’s the case a breach between the caulking joint and the siding could be slowly collecting moisture and creating mold. To check if this is happening the door will need to be pulled out and properly examined for rot and decay.

What are the benefits of replacing a patio door? 

A good patio door needs to be sturdy and long-lasting. Often times homeowners opt for an inexpensive vinyl sliding patio door or something that looks nice without considering how functional it actually is. Higher quality patio doors are available at a comparable price, you just have to know what you’re looking for. When you replace your Milwaukee patio door with one that is recommended by experts you will get quality support that can withstand years of use and look nice, too. 

What are some warning signs that a patio door is losing functionality?

  • It’s a sliding door but it’s difficult to slide it open and closed.
  • The door feels like it’s grinding with the grooves when sliding.
  • The glass on the door is not protecting your home from the outdoor climate.
  • The door doesn’t seem to fit correctly in the doorway.
  • Water is seeping in through the bottom or top of the door.

If there is damaged glass on my patio door, do I need to replace the entire door?

You will get different answers to this question based on the type of company you’re asking. Glass companies will sell you a piece of new glass to replace what’s damaged on your patio door, but this may not be the most affordable solution. Glass companies charge a lot because of the liability involved with taking the door apart and the difficulty of installing the glass without breaking it. Consequently, replacing the entire door may be the more affordable and overall functional solution. 

Why do old sliding patio doors leak?

Sliding patio doors have two little holes on each side of the threshold so moisture will hit the door and move down to the track where it can find a way out. If those holes have gotten clogged by dirt, bugs, or some other form of debris the water will have nowhere to go. Enough built-up moisture will eventually fill up the tray and overflow so moisture will accumulate inside.

Find Milwaukee Patio Door Replacement

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