Quality Double-Hung Windows in West Bend, WI

Double-hung windows are the most popular windows selected by homeowners. Commonly chosen for their ease of operation and their traditional aesthetic, they’re also incredibly easy to clean due to their unique features.

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What is a Double-Hung Window?

What classifies a window as double-hung is its unique ability to open both the bottom and top sash. The sashes, or the panes on your window that actively move when you open your windows, can also be tilted for ease of cleaning. You can move both sashes up and down as you wish, giving you various options to optimize air-flow efficiency. Give us a call today for double-hung windows in West Bend, WI.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

These types of windows have earned their reputation by having numerous benefits to your home! Here are some of the benefits to keep in mind if you’re considering double-hung window installation as an option:

  1. They’re easy to clean. Double-hung windows are notorious for their ease of cleaning. Because both the top and bottom sash tilt in, you can clean the outside of the window from inside your home. This is a huge advantage for homeowners that live in multiple-story homes or just have difficulty getting to certain windows in their home.
  2. They’re versatile. Due to their immense popularity, you can get double-hung windows in a seemingly endless variety of sizes, colors, and materials.
  3. They provide a sufficient amount of airflow. Due to both sashes moving up and down, you’re able to control the airflow coming in much better than you would as opposed to a single-hung window.
  4. They’re safer than single-hung and casement windows. Many homeowners don’t think of this before buying a double-hung window, but being able to open the top sash can be a solution to many accidents that could occur with pets. Since the top sash is much harder to reach, you won’t have to worry about your pet escaping through the window if you leave it open. Many double-hung windows also typically have child safety latches so that the sash won’t fall down if it’s tilted inwards.
  5. It’s important to be able to fit your window AC unit into your window and have it sealed properly. Double-hung windows are extremely precise and easy to secure your AC unit in.

We Provide Double-Hung Window Installation

Installing windows yourself can be a very complicated and strenuous task. If done incorrectly, you could be looking at a lot of maintenance costs down the road, typically due to moisture getting through your window. Windows and window installations are something we are passionate about and pride ourselves in, so let us help you do the job correctly. Contact us today to learn more about double-hung windows in West Bend, WI, the designs we have available for them, and if they’re the right fit for you and your home.